UCR Study Skills Center

Fall 2017 schedule


How to plan, organize, focus, relax & stay on top of it

C. Crommelin

6th of September 11:00-12:30 F14


How to read, study, take notes & write better

C. Leedy

13th of September 11:00-12:30 F14


How to speed up your research with digital tools

(Evernote, Mendeley, Wunderlist and others)

R. Rensma

20th of September 11:00-12:30 F14

These workshops are only one way through which the UCR study skills center seeks to help UCR students. If you can't make it to any of the workshops you can also make a personal appointment with us.


Individual appointments writing skills: Christine Leedy

Individual appointments planning skills: Christine Crommelin