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Mindful Learning Planning & Organizing: How to plan, organize, focus, relax & stay on top of it

4th of September 11.00-12.30 F14

As a UCR student, you are expected to spend a great deal of time outside of class studying. How can you make the best of that time? For some people making a plan and sticking to it comes naturally, for others it’s a real challenge. In this workshop the basics of mindful time management will be discussed, such as determining goals, drawing up a plan, deciding the time needed for each activity and keeping track of what you do. Self-management also means creating time for those things that are important to you and that make you happy.  Come to the workshop for some useful tips and strategies to manage your time more efficiently! We will address several questions: What does it mean to be a (UCR - honors) student? How to plan (long term & short-term), how to prioritize (study, social life, relaxation etc.), how to deal with (pressing) deadlines, how to deal with “personal blocks” on the way, how to deal with procrastination? We will also look at very practical ways to help you plan your day.

Instructor C. Crommelin

Studying Strategies: How to read, study, take notes & write better

11th of September 11.00-12.30 F14

This practical workshop will help you develop your own strategies for learning. On his popular blog Study Hacks, Cal Newport--computer science professor and author--coined the phrase ‘Deep Work’ to describe the ability to focus without distraction. Since many students struggle with concentration, we will explore Newport’s advice and share tips with each other about how to study smarter. Join this workshop if you want to feel less burdened by your workload and inspired to try out new ways to help you read faster, take better notes, memorize information, and stay on target.

Instructor: C. Leedy

How to stay sane during your senior project 
(Digital research tools, planning tips,

18th of September 11.00-13.00 F14

Get valuable tips from three different teachers!


Dr. Rensma will introduce you to a variety of free digital research tools that will help speed up your research and will make finding sources and juggling your notes and ideas easier. For example: you will learn how to become an expert at using Mendeley, a free app for your computer which can be used to fully automatize your referencing and bibliography creation. The workshop will also introduce you to a variety of other free digital tools that are great for research such as Evernote and Wunderlist.

Christine Crommelin will share 'best practices' for organizing your senior project. You will get tips on how to structure your time and how to be aware of the obstacles that can arise. She’ll discuss common procrastination issues and how you can address them.


Christine Leedy will share different techniques to keep up the writing process. She’ll show you how to work in short intervals to stay productive and avoid writer’s block. In addition, she’ll give you some online resources to help you make your sentences academic, clear, and flow from one logical idea to another.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction course

Instructor: Mona Irrmischer, PhD (neuroscience)

A series of workshops on wednesday:

18 September; 25 September

2 October; 23 October; 30 October

13 November; 20 November

There are two groups, one starting at 16.00, one at 18.30. Classes last 90 minutes.

Location: F13

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